Released: March 4, 2018

Location: Ukraine, Kiev, Podol

Director: Nikita Kvasnikov

DOP: Sasha Petrochenko

Actress: Yely Kovpak

Style: Masha Sivyakova Kostya Goncharuk

Make-up: Oleksandra Slodzik

Color: Andrey Borovkov

The spirit of a new, resurgent Ukrainian rock music in the Love'n'Joy new music video.

The director was talented clipmaker Nikita Kvasnikov, who already managed to work with many Ukrainian bands.

New music video tells the story of an alien girl who landed on Earth after an intergalactic firefight and trying to find the way home. The storyline is originally intertwined with the street live performance of the band, bringing us back to the good old days of rock'n'roll, however in the modern interpretation of the band’s sound.  

The leading role is played by the young and talented Ukrainian ballerina Elizabeth Kovpak, a graduate of the prestigious German academy Palucca Hochschule fur Tanz Dresden.